• Students are encouraged to read 15-20 minutes every night. (Yes, weekends too.)  Reading can be done independently or with a partner:  parent(s), family member, babysitter, even to a stuffed animal.

Language Arts Homework Packet

  • Students will be given the homework packet on the first day of the week.  There will be a total of four assignments to complete by the end of the week (typically Friday).  Students may do one activity a night or more.


Math homework will be assigned by your math teacher.  Work is to be turned in the following day, unless told otherwise.


  • Before an assessment, students should review their 'study packet' that has been completed throughout the unit.  For additional help, visit the science online textbook.  Click below for a direct link to the book.

Science Online Textbook


  • Students will be assigned projects throughout the year.  All information for these projects SHOULD be in your child's green folder.  These assignments will be found on the weekly newsletter too.  If you misplace information please write a note or email Mrs. Baker at least two days before the project is due.